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ASP.NET Core with C#

Course Name : ASP.NET Core with C#

Batch Schedule : 11-Oct-2021   To   02-Nov-2021

Schedule : Weekdays - (Monday-Saturday)

Duration : 20 Days

Timings : 8:00 AM  To  10:00 AM

Fees : Rs. INR 10000/- 8000/- (Inc. 18% GST)

  • Students
  • Freshers
  • Working Professional
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  • C#
  • .Net Basics 
    • Framework, Assembly, Compilation, CLR, CTS
  • C#  
    • Project Structure
      • Creating EXE, DLL assemblies.
    • Boxing, Un Boxing
    • OOP Basics
  • OOP Continued
    • Inheritance, Overloading, Overriding, Abstract, Static
    • Virtual, Interface Concepts
  • Events & Delegates
  • Collections
    • Array, Array List, Hash table
    • Generics & Generic Collection(s)
  • File IO
    • Serialization & De Serialization
  • Reflection (Part 1)
    • Reading & Using Assembly Metadata
  • Reflection (Part 2)
    • Attributes & Custom Attributes
  • C# Features:
    • Partial Classes, Null able Types, Anonymous Method
    • Implicit Type, Auto Property, Anonymous Type
    • Lambda Expression, LINQ Basics     
  • Database Programming and ASP.NET Core (22 Hrs + 11 hrs)
  • Database Programming
    • Using ADO .NET: Connected Architecture
  • Database Programming
    • Using Entity Framework          
  • Introduction to Desktop Based Application Programming
    • Win Form Application Basics
    • Click Once Deployment
    • Deploy using Project Installer
  • Web Programming Basics
    • Client – Server
    • Technologies Used
    • Web Basics
  • Why Core (?)
    • Introduction to dot Net Core
    • Dot Net CLI Introduction
    • Dot Net core runtime
    • Kestrel Server Basics
  • Core Fundamentals
    • Application Startup in ASP.NET Core
    • The Startup class
    • The Configure method
    • The Configure Services method
    • Services Available in Start up
  • ASP.NET Core Middleware Fundamentals
    • Understanding Request Pipeline
    • What is middleware
    • Creating a middleware pipeline with I Application Builder
    • Ordering
    • Built-in middleware
    • Writing middleware
  • Routing & Error Handling in ASP.NET Core
    • Routing basics
      • Using Routing Middleware
      • Route Template Reference
      • Route Constraint Reference
      • URL Generation Reference
    • Error Handling in ASP.NET Core
      • The developer exception page
      • Configuring a custom exception handling page
      • Configuring status code pages
      • Exception-handling code
      • Server exception handling
      • Startup exception handling
      • ASP.NET MC#
      • VC error handling
    • EF Core & Configuration
      • ASP.NET Core & EF Core Integration
      • Configuration in ASP.NET Core
      • Configuration Providers
      • Simple configuration
      • Entity Framework custom provider
      • Command Line configuration provider
      • The web configuration file
    • Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core
      • What is Dependency Injection?
      • Using Framework-Provided Services
      • Registering Your Own Services
      • Service Lifetimes and Registration Options
      • Request Services
      • Designing Your Services For Dependency Injection
    • Web API Core 2.0
      • Create & Consume Web API core
      • CRUD Ops with API
      • Integrating Authentication with REST APIs
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  • Core Java or Any Language with OOP support
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  • C# language l Understand & Implement MVC design pattern based web development using .NET.
  • Learn ASP.NET Core by breaking it into pieces.
  • Hands-on experience.
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  • Visual Studio .NET 2019 + on Windows Platform
  • SQL Server Express Edition (default supported with VS version will do)
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The lecture was very helpful and I think Sunbeam should conduct such lectures in the future. Sir has a very good way of teaching and clarifies doubts at the very moment of raising. Would like to attend the lectures in the future if any. 

The Webinar for Asp.Net MVC 5 was really nice. I can able to understand from the base. The faculty is also really helped us to get to know more concepts in ASP.Net MVC5. Currently, I'm working with Console application in C#, I hope this Webinar in ASP.Net MVC5 can give a better chance in my career. Thank you so much Sunbeam for providing this wonderful webinar.

Teaching is so good, I learned a lot in this session. sessions are interactive. Mahesh sir explain each and every concept in very simple language right from Framework to deployment part, he tries to solve each n every student query and explains well.

Sir, This workshop was really amazing and clarified the topic in detail. Mahesh Sir answered all the queries immediately and even extended the sessions to make us understand the subject in detail. Thank you so much, sir..! Please arrange more workshops on .net related topics

Thank you Team Sunbeam for arranging this ASP.NET MVC 5 Session. I am happy that I enrolled in this course. The suggestion is we would like to have more sessions from Mahesh Panhale Sir

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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 ASP.NET Core with C# -O-01 11-Oct-2021 02-Nov-2021 8:00 AM  To  10:00 AM

Schedule : Weekdays - (Monday-Saturday)

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