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Course Name : C++

Batch Schedule : 31-Jul-2023   To   29-Aug-2023

Schedule : Weekdays (Mon-Sat)

Duration : 80 HRS

Timings : 5:00 PM  To  8:00 PM

Fees : Rs. 6500/- (Inc. 18% GST)

  • C++ Introduction:
    • History of C++.
    • C++ specifications and keywords.
    • Flow of execution.
    • Data type and its type, type modifiers and qualifiers.
    • Structure in C/C++, access specifier.
  • Class and Objects:
    • Class implementation and reared oops concepts.
    • Object and its characteristics.
    • Empty class and its use.
  • Namespace:
    • Storage classes, scope and life time.
    • Namespace concept and its use.
    • Console streams in C/C++ and its use.
  • C++ Language Features:
    • Pointer basics, this pointer.
    • Constructor.
    • l-value & R-value, Const in C/C++, Mutable.
    • Default arguments.
    • Inline function.   
  • Exception handling:
    • Exception handling Fundamentals.
    • Exception specifications.
    • Data security (concept and implementation).
  • OOPS Concepts:
    • OOPS theory and its advantages.
    • Phases in object oriented software development.
    • Major and minor pillars of oops.
    • Function overloading, name mangling & mangled name.
  • Dynamic memory allocation, destructor and copy constructor:
    • Dynamic memory allocation in C and C++.
    • Dangling pointer and memory leakage.
    • Destructor.
    • Shallow copy and deep copy.
    • Copy constructor.
  • Friend function and operator overloading:
    • Friend function and class.
    • Nested and local class.
    • Operator overloading concept, use and its limitations.
    • Conversion function.
  • How to share data between objects:
    • Static data member and member function.
    • Singleton class and factory design pattern.
    • Anonymous class and object.
  • Inheritance and polymorphism:
    • Hierarchy and its type.
    • Association, composition & aggregation.
    • Inheritance basics, mode and its type.
    • Diamond problem.
    • Polymorphism.
    • Object slicing, upcasting and down casting.
  • Virtual function, Abstract class and interface:
    • Virtual function and function overriding.
    • Early binding and late binding using C and C++.
    • Virtual Function Table and Virtual Function Pointer.
    • Pure virtual function, abstract class and  interface.
    • Interface inheritance versus implementation inheritance.
  • Advanced C++:
    • RTTI.
    • Advanced typecasting operators.
    • Template (Function template & class template 
    • STL introduction.
    • Manipulators.
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Honestly at initial level I thought lectures will be boring because we were having basics of CPP. But later I realized its importance, to learn something big you should go through basics first then only you will understand big things. And honestly the way sir explain things is awesome. Using paint to make everyone understand concept is 10/10.
Each and every concept was cleared by the faculty in efficient manner, co-relating real-life applications and simple day-to-day life analogies. I am completely satisfied with the teaching skills of the faculty, also I believe I will be able to utilize my knowledge regarding the subject to its fullest. Thank you :)
Rohan sir give justice to his role as teacher. Agenda driven teaching is best and introducing concept and preparing a context for upcoming topic is sir's best ability. Sir's technical and corporate related anecdote between lecture was lit especially the shape example it was mind boggling and humorous commentary BGM of developer managerial dialogue I will remember it for ages I guess.
His teaching skills are really, good create interest in subject with multiple examples . teachers like his enhance confidence level of students
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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 CPP-O-06 31-Jul-2023 29-Aug-2023 5:00 PM  To  8:00 PM

Schedule : Weekdays (Mon-Sat)

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