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Advanced JS Workshop(Webinar)

Course Name : Advanced JS Workshop(Webinar)

Batch Schedule : 25-Apr-2020   To   26-Apr-2020

Schedule : Weekend - (Saturday-Sunday)

Duration : 2 Days

Timings : 08:00 PM  To  11:00 PM

Fees : Rs. 1000/- (Inc. 18% GST)

  • Working Professionals 
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  • Getting Started With JS
    • Quick introduction to JS
    • Comparing with other languages
    • JS beginings
    • Variables and constants
    • Program flow
  • Arrays and collections
    • Creating and initializing array
    • Accessing array items
    • Array searching and looping
    • Manipulating array
    • Typed array vs standard array
    • Using spread operator with arrays
    • Working with sets
    • Set vs weakset
    • Creating and using map
    • Map vs object
    • Map vs weakmap
  • Functions
    • Creating functions
    • Demistifying functions
    • Hidden parameters
    • Usign functions to create objects
  • Scope and Hoisting
    • Global scope
    • Function scope
    • Var and hoisting
    • Undeclared variables and strict mode
  • Generators and iterators
    • Iterators and iterable
    • Iterating JSON data
    • Custom iterator
    • Converting iteratorto generator
    • Yield delegation
  • Modules in JS
    • What is a module
    • Creating a module
    • Named exports, default exports
    • Rearranging modules
    • Using module
    • Named imports, default imports
  • Objects
    • using object literals
    • Object assign and immutability
    • Object properties: writable, enumerable and configurable attributes
    • Property getters and setters
    • Using built-in JS objects
  • Prototypes
    • JS prototypes and interfaces
    • Creating function prototype
    • Multiple levels of inheritance
  • Classes
    • Creating objects with classes
    • Using inheritance with JS classes
    • Static properties and methods
  • Promises
    • understaning promises and states
    • Callback pyramid
    • Consuming, chaining,rejecting,racing promises
  • Async programming
    • interacting with Async/Await
    • Awaiting a call
    • Handling errors
    • Chaining async/await
    • Awaiting concurrentrequests
    • Awaiting parallel calls
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  • JS Basics (Datatype, if-else, loops, arrays, fns)
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  • Gain confidence with advanced JS concepts like OOP, promises & async programming
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Shalaka Gujar 

I really appreciate the way sir explains any concept. It is really good. Please arrange such webinars even after lock down so that working people(those who don't have holiday on Saturday) can also attend such webinars.  

Kiti Shrivastava  

Amit Sir, will be providing the videos on the missed topic which was something I liked the most. It shows his seriousness towards his teaching. He is such a great teacher who really wants the student to learn. Its not that he will teach just to cover the topics keeping the watch in front. I was really impressed by such a teaching skill and most importantly it was an online class and he was teaching so flawlessly . I would say it was the best online class I have ever attended. Thanks a lot Sir. You are so patient and awesome teacher. Respect for you.  

Aditya Dubey - Software Engineer - I Rocket Software  

It is always good to learn from Amit sir being an old sunbeam student. The session was very good and covered most of the aspects of javascript. As I work on javascript from last 5 years and I wanted to explore more about the internals at some extent that was missing for me. I enjoyed the session utilized my time and added some more concepts to my learning in a new way. 


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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 Adv JS WS-01 25-Apr-2020 26-Apr-2020 08:00 PM  To  11:00 PM

Schedule : Weekend - (Saturday-Sunday)

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