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Advanced SQL Primer

Course Name : Advanced SQL Primer

Batch Schedule : 05-Jun-2021   To   20-Jun-2021

Schedule : Weekends (Sat & Sun)

Duration : 6 Days

Timings : 09:00 AM  To  12:00 PM

Fees : Rs. 3000/- (Inc. 18% GST)

  • Students
  • Fresher's
  • Working Professionals
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  • Getting Started With SQL (Recorded Session for Early bird offer only)
    • RDBMS introduction
    • SQL overview
    • MySQL data types
    • INSERT operations
    • UPDATE operations
    • DELETE operations
  • SQL SELECT Common Operations (Recorded Session for Early bird offer only)
    • ORDER BY, LIMIT clause
    • GROUP BY, HAVING clause
  • RDBMS Permissions (Recorded Session for Early bird offer only)
    • Concept
    • CREATE USER operation
    • GRANT permissions
    • REVOKE permissions
  • RDBMS Constraints (Recorded Session for Early bird offer only)
    • Primary key constraint
    • Foreign key constraint
    • Unique constraint
    • NOT NULL constraint
    • CHECK constraint
  • SQL Functions (Recorded Session for Early bird offer only)
    • Single row functions
    • Group functions
    • Handling NULL values
  • RDBMS Transactions
    • Concept
    • ACID properties
    • Table locking
    • Row locking
    • Optimistic vs Pessimistic locking
  • SQL Joins
    • Inner join
    • Left & Right outer join
    • Self join
    • Joining multiple tables
  • SQL Sub-queries
    • Single row sub-query
    • Multi row sub-query
    • Correlated sub-query
    • Sub-query performance
  • RDBMS Indexes
    • Simple index
    • Composite index
    • Unique index
  • RDBMS Views
    • Simple views
    • Complex views
    • Views with CHECK constraint
  • SQL Windowing Functions
    • Windowing concept
    • SUM(), COUNT(), AVG(), ...
  • SQL Common Table Expressions
    • Derived tables
    • CTE concept
    • WITH clause
    • Recursive CTE
    • CTE vs Derived tables
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  • Understaning of RDBMS concepts.
  • Basic SQL commands( Register for early bird offer, to learn basics from Recorded sessions.)
  • Fundamental Concepts - RDBMS, SQL concepts, and simple CRUD queries.
  • Early Bird Offer- Enroll before 22 May and get Free access to Video Recording of Fundamental Concepts.
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  • Even though this course covers SQL queries in MySQL database, as per ANSI standard they should work well in any leading RDBMS like Oracle or MS-SQL server.
  • This course covers the foundations of SQL required for any data-warehousing or big data framework (like Apache Hive, Apache Drill)
  • SQL performance tuning is a highly database specific topic and this course covers only primary aspects of performance using MySQL database.
  • Conceptual topics like Codd’s rules and Normalization are not covered in this course.
  • Due to the time limit this course doesn’t include very fundamental concepts like RDBMS, SQL concepts, and simple CRUD queries. However free recorded sessions are available*.
  • This course doesn't cover concepts of database administration, distributed/cluster database, (custom) database development and database connectivity from various languages.
  • PL/SQL or PSM (i.e. stored procedure, function, triggers) is beyond the scope of this course.
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  • Solid understanding of SQL essentials like. Grouping, joins, sub-queries and indexes.
  • Gain confidence in Advanced SQL like Windowing functions, Common table expressions.
  • Learn about SQL transactions, table/row locking and query performance tuning.
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  • MySQL 8.x Server
  • MySQL 8.x CLI client or Workbench or PHPMyAdmin
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Sr.No Batch Code Start Date End Date Time
1 ASP-O-01 05-Jun-2021 20-Jun-2021 09:00 AM  To  12:00 PM

Schedule : Weekends (Sat & Sun)

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