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Gayatri Harane

Internship Session was good. We learnt many Interesting things that are useful from career point of view. The Interviews arranged were good & useful for us. We came to know many things & will try to improve on our drawbacks. The overall internship was helping & very good.

Yash Mehta

This was my first Internship and had an excellent experience. The staff was well versed in technology, friendly and helpful. Got a lot of different information in Electronics too.

Vaishnavi Moholkar

I am satisfied with SunBeam’s Internship. My experience was very good and project team leads are also so talented and helpful. This internship also gave me knowledge for Interviews and inputs on how to work in company.

Rishabh Desai

Excellent teaching style and excellent understanding of teaching topics. I like the most about the course is how Sandeep sir helps to improve visualization of code using proper diagrams and images. Also, proper sequencing of sample examples helps to revise the topic in the future. It’s good that sir gives more time on basic topics in the beginning so that the foundation is strong. 

Harsh Gupta

Sir, it’s been a great session with you. The way you taught is very good. It's my first time learning java language and I never felt left out at any point, thanks for taking up every basic topic.

Abhilash Kamble

There are two types of teachers, one who teach their students what the syllabus dictates and the other, who go beyond the coursework to teach their students things that life dictates. I really had a fantastic time taking your course. Start from the "Compiling Program without IDE to Reflection" I don’t owe my professional success to my destiny, courage, luck, belief, confidence, or fortune. I owe it to a wonderful scholar like you. Nothing can come close to the inspirational presence of an instructor like you in a student’s journey. You are a great trainer organized, responsive, patient, and able to clearly explain complex topics and nuances. Being so encouraging and doing everything you can to keep us motivated and supported throughout our program. Your knowledge and leadership provide us with a priceless model for our own careers. I am so happy you are part of my education. Thank you for teaching me that emotion and logic exist best together. I learned to truly care about diversity and inclusion through your classes, and I hopefully now spread that message in a passionate but thoughtful way. You’re awesome! 

Rohit Dhange

Excellent sessions by Sandeep Sir enjoyed learning core of the Java. Sandeep sir's way of teaching is excellent and easily understood by anyone. Considering the fact that Java is not that simple when it moves to its complex features to any beginner or who doesn't work on Java, it needs much more revisions and continued coding practice. Sandeep sir has made it very easy to understand and taught us exactly how to think in Java. And it clearly seen in the sessions how much hard work has to be done offline to create any notes and diagrams to make things simple and easily understandable. Thank you sir for conducting the sessions. Really looking forward to see you in next advance sessions. 

Shalaka Gujar

I really appreciate the way sir explains any concept. It is really good. Please arrange such webinars even after lock down so that working people(those who don't have holiday on Saturday) can also attend such webinars. 

Kiti Shrivastava

Amit Sir, will be providing the videos on the missed topic which was something I liked the most. It shows his seriousness towards his teaching. He is such a great teacher who really wants the student to learn. Its not that he will teach just to cover the topics keeping the watch in front. I was really impressed by such a teaching skill and most importantly it was an online class and he was teaching so flawlessly . I would say it was the best online class I have ever attended. Thanks a lot Sir. You are so patient and awesome teacher. Respect for you.  

Aditya Dubey

It is always good to learn from Amit sir being an old sunbeam student. The session was very good and covered most of the aspects of javascript. As I work on javascript from last 5 years and I wanted to explore more about the internals at some extent that was missing for me. I enjoyed the session utilized my time and added some more concepts to my learning in a new way. 

Harsh Mistry

It was a really good experience as the faculty demonstrated excellent knowledge on the subject. The explanation was to the point and lots of examples were used to convey the meaning. It was a practical approach which is what made the session even better. 

Mukesh Gupta

Unique way of teaching and clearing doubts as and when raised by folks.

1. Bursting the Myths that we learned as concepts, which could be as simple as pass by value and pass by reference in C Programming.

2. Explain the concept in-depth and coding it from scratch is Nilesh sir's USP.

3. Going out of the way and devoting an extra hour, post-webinar session just to clear the doubts and queries.

4. I would definitely reach out to folks to attend the webinar and Learn it and get first-hand experience from Sir.

Priya Patange

Sir, the way you explain pointer is such an ease. Learning c pointers and other concepts wouldn't have been this easy without you. Thank you so much

Rahul Sharma

The session was really amazing. Thank You Nilesh Ghule sir for all the efforts. I am an ex Sunbeam student and always a big fan of you sir. Thanks a lot. Please arrange such sessions more frequently in the future. I would definitely like to attend all of them.

Vill Khilpara

Comment: I had learned lots of new things from this session and now I am more confident about those c concepts. Thank you Sir for your teaching.

Suggestion: I was eagerly waiting for sunbeam online courses. Please continue this kind of online session so we can refresh our knowledge and learn new things day by day. 

Bilal Pathan

Best approach to learn Ds is to learn through the basic and to learn basics is know basic .. the whole process by Nilesh sir made me understand Data structure in very simple way and to made an environment where we had an open discussion on of doubts without thinking whether to ask or not... Thanks a lot sir as beginner in data structure you have made me expert in ds what I need is now a paper work. So thanks a lot sir and thanks to vishal sir for helping me solve the basic problems.

Shubham Pate

all sessions are very well explained, understood very well, it will surely help me in dac course as data structure is a part of syllabus, the way of teaching was interesting, i enjoyed learning during course. Thanks a lot.

Tejas Jadhav

The best thing about the course is that this course is very punctual about timing and syllabus. None of the single point is not skipped. and in learning time there is a motivated environment. Nilesh sir's way of teaching is awesome now I am big fan of sir. As I am a last year student many of the concepts is not cleared but after this course, I have that confidence that I am really good in DSA. Thank you nilesh sir and Sunbeam Team......!!!

Abhishek Verma

It was an amazing course as I imagined. Because of Nilesh sir's lecture, I got depth knowledge of data structure and I’m sure this is more than enough to build my upcoming career. Sunbeam provides the best facilities of video lectures too and because of this facility, I personally got many profits if I forgot any concept I goes through these lectures and it will help me to understand these concepts. The enthusiasm which sunbeam provides always gives us good fruit. Thank you Sunbeam.

Being an education service provider is one thing, being able to make a difference to the lives of an entire generation of IT talent of country is a different matter altogether. SunBeam surely belongs to the second category. From black board to white-board to Overhead projector to LCD Projector to Video Conferencing System - SunBeam has seen it all in the past decade. What is important is that it has adapted itself every time technology took a turn for the better. That is the essence of everything that Mr. Sarang Patil, Mr. Nitin Kudale and their very efficient and able team has been doing all along. It has been a memorable journey for SunBeam in the past decade and I am all the more happy to state that I have been able to participate and witness this journey in more ways than one. I am sure that SunBeam will go from strength to strength in future.

I have always experienced an extraordinary enthusiasm in the environment at SunBeam, which is very important. Personality development & soft skills are extremely important along with technical excellence. Whenever I have been to SunBeam I have felt that apart from technical up gradation a lot of attention is paid to the personality development aspects of students. This really is an important thing.

Since I know SunBeam for years & have interacted with SunBeam people & students, I can spend a lot of time describing various attributes of SunBeam that adds value to its students. I would entrust my son or my daughter to pick up IT skills at SunBeam without any hesitation what so ever. My children are my most valuable asset.

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